Wednesday evening update

Hello fellow Hammers, sorry for the lack of updates and uploads during the past few weeks, for a few reasons I’ve not had the time or the motivation to blog.

The past few weeks I’ve tried to distance myself from anything with the club on social media due to some disgraceful actions from our own “fans” directed at a life long fan, ITK blogger and a good friend of mine through social media. I’ve never met “Exwhuemployee” but I fully respect what he does for the fans of the football club I love and support as well as the help and support he has given me throughout the few short months that we have been in contact with each other.

With Ex gone from Twitter my source had disappeared and the abuse and negativity on social media seemingly was redirected in another direction, mostly to the owners, their sons and anyone else involved in the club got an even more heated abuse especially with the Nigerian striker signing with Everton. I will just say that if West Ham had signed the striker and loaned him out like Everton had to due to his work visa, I know there would be so much negativity directed at the owners for signing a player that can’t play for at least one year!

With all the negativity on social media around the owners and transfers or lack of transfers it was best for me personally to step away or a week or two especially with a busy personal life recently with a search for a new job and a new car. I’m not for one minute agreeing with the owners, the transfer policies, any opinions or anything else, nor am I disagreeing with it, I’m simply saying the way people go about their business online and on social media has certainly rubbed me up the wrong way recently. Anyway, let us move on to the news!

1410880020995_wps_91_SEPTEMBER_15TH_2014_HULL_Enner Valencia seems to be all but confirmed to be moving back to the Mexican League.


As stated before, Manchester City Kelchy Ineanacho has interest from multiple clubs including West Ham but the player is said to be having a dispute with a former agent, the player would prefer to sort out these agent issues before moving to a new club if he were to move from away from The Etihad.


Staying in Manchester, Former United striker Chicharito Hernandez seems to have a £13 million release clause, The Hammers were linked with the striker in the past and if the club were to stand any chance to sign the Mexican international then they would have to make him their highest earner.


Another striker the club have been long admirers of is Burnley’s Andre Gray. The club are looking to bring in two strikers, a winger and a central midfielder but signing a striker is top priority.


If the club were to sign a central midfielder then Josh Cullen would most likely move on loan, there have also been several loan offers made for other West Ham youngsters.



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